I develop software. Currently I do it at BrandON Media, sometimes as a freelancer and also in my free time.

I program computers since I wrote my first piece of code back in 1994 in BASIC on a C=64. I do it professionally since I created my first commercial software system in 2007, using Ruby, MySQL and Linux. I can be considered academically educated in the field of computer science and engineering since 2010, since I have an MSc Eng in Computer Science from the Department of Electronics and Computer Science of the Koszalin University of Technology.

See the external links (in the my profiles and projects section) to find out more about me, what software I have worked on and what's on my mind now.

Besides creating software I read books (on very different topics), do sports (swimming, bicycling), hike and travel.

I live in live in Gdańsk, Poland.

Personal Projects: